We started on 9.05.22


Let me introduce 



because in Ukraine there is a war with the Russian aggressor for democracy! The Ukrainian army and people are fighting every day for a peaceful European future, so we, those who are not actively involved in hostilities, must make every effort to support entrepreneurs in Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian citizens temporarily out of the country.


this is what is extremely important for Ukraine and Ukrainians today! The war changed the approach to cooperation and assistance. You and I can no longer waste time searching for the necessary information in various social networks and groups as before! We want fast and efficient direct communication between two stakeholders, not filling out forms, sending email and waiting for a response.


the project is based on Google maps as the most informative and convenient form of providing information. The idea of integration with LinkedIn is a priority for us, since here an organization or individual has already been verified.

According to the goals of the project, the following will be marked on the map:

SELL: a person or company selling Ukrainian goods and services;

BUY: a person or company who wants to buy Ukrainian goods and services;

HELP: a person or company who wants to help Ukrainians around the world;

NEED: a person or company who needs help;

INVEST: a person or company who is ready to invest in the production of Ukrainian goods and services in any country in the world.

SEARCH: a person or company who is looking for investments to open a business in any country in the world for the production of goods and services with a fully or partially Ukrainian component.


a team of programmers who are ready to take on the implementation. At the same time, if you have a ready-made project that meets our goals and is ready for quick implementation at minimal cost and time – write to us!

We are waiting for you – let’s make it together!!